Everything I am Lusting Over, Enjoying, and Recommend.

As we approach autumn, I cannot stress how much I crave a Flowy Dress. This one from &Other Stories is the perfect mix of a light-weight material with substantial coverage to keep you warm on blistering days. Paired with some slouchy high-rise boots, and you’ve got yourself the perfect editor outfit.

Do we see a Juniper Berry theme here? For some reason, the note always makes me think of my happiest moments. I have lusted after Boy Smells Candles since they first came onto the scene (major FOMO here). Cedar Stack balances the sweetness of my beloved Berries with Cedar and White Musk. Great for as we approach autumn and, well, year-round.

Katie Jane Hughes is the makeup goddess of my dreams. She creates the most minimalist and chic makeup looks that will LITERALLY make your jaw drop. She often uses these Glitter Pigments* from Bodyography and who can blame here? Not only is the brand Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Sustainable, but they are so opaque! I desperately want them to spice up my typical maintenance looks.

Nails are often over looked in the world of beauty. Let me tell you, mine have gone through the ringer! This amazing Nail Care Kit* from Olive & June has everything you need to make your manicure maintain its integrity and last as long as possible. It also includes Sara Gibson Tittle’s ground-breaking Poppy! It helps to stabilize your non-dominate hand to get perfect color application. Plus, SGT is a BOSS!

Oh the queen of class, sophistication, and style. Olivia Palermo has been one of the most iconic women in fashion since coming to rise in The City. While, I did not watch the show, I have been admiring her style for years. She screams New York City with a Parisian flare and I love it. I will be channeling her style as I work my way into the magazine industry.

Judge me all you want, but this is Taylor’s best album. I lost a bit of faith when Reputation came out and truly had not loved the albums ambience (but understood the messaging behind it). This makes me feel so happy and light, like I do not have to care so much about the little things. I don’t know, there is just SOMETHING about ‘Lover’ that brings me the most abundant joy…

I have been living the blonde life for some time now and it has truly been life changing. I finally have reached the perfect neutral-toned shade that no colourist has ever seemed to get right. This is a style I will be keeping for a long time. I get a few pieces painted in every couple of months for upkeep and get my hair toned/trimmed every 4-6 weeks to keep it healthy.

Something that has been essential in my blonde upkeep has been Olaplex. The original No.3 treatment is great, but my heart has been stolen by the No.4 Shampoo and No.5 Conditioner. I never used conditioner in the past because it weighs down my thick hair, but these both have worked miracles on my strands. You only need the smallest amount and it will lather brilliantly. The bottles will last you forever and, at $28 a piece, it is well worth it!


I just purchased this piece from &Other Stories in order to help build my capsule wardrobe. I have been trying to transition to more fashion-esque pieces as I gear up for my big move. This Navy Corduroy Skirt is the perfect Jane Birkin meets Fashion Week piece my closet needs. I plan to rock this with various colored turtle necks and ankle boots.

Fragrance is the corner stone to any “adults” beauty stash. I have always wanted to feel like I have myself together and a scent is the best way to add a special touch to anything. It tells a story and often is associated with specific memories. I love Gypsy Water from Byredo because I wear samples of it when I got to NYC and the sweet Juniper Berry Top Notes dissipate to a warm Sandalwood/Vanilla base. Sweet but woodsy all the same.

Milk Makeup has gained so much traction for their product innovation, camping diversity, and amazing formulas. I have heard nothing but brilliant things about their complexion products and the main one is the Sunshine Skin Tint. Meant to be a light-weight and dewy formula, this base product is a step above a tinted moisturizer in terms of coverage. For someone who keeps it simple and loves a glow, this is so me!

I have never been able to use Vitamin C in my skincare routine. It often causes redness, irritation, and breakouts. My guess is that the formulations were unbalanced and my skin barrier was too compromised. I did not want to try CE Ferulic because of its price, but it is the only one that has worked for me! my skin loves it and I give it the credit for truly being that thing that has changed my skin!

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