Everything I am Lusting Over, Enjoying, and Recommend.

I definitely do not need to tell you how much I LOVE Everlane! This sustainable and ethical fashion brand has been on my radar since I started my conscious journey in 2017. I love the new Textured Cotton Cardigan* so much. It is exactly what I need to keep warm in the start of the spring transition. High quality and aids in my eternal search for a look that is much like n elderly woman.

Looking for a new cause to support? Well The Right To Shower is a new company that is bringing showers to those who do not have access. The revenue for their first year of sales goes to building mobile shower vehicles to support the homeless. Dignity is the scent that speaks the most to me. If you cannot find it close to you, it is available on Amazon.

Byrdie is one of my favorite online publications. They recently moved shop to DotDash and I could not be prouder. All of that aside, one of my favorite writers is Hallie Gould. This article she recently wrote about tattooing her body really spoke to me. I think her story is one worth sharing. If you have a moment, read the piece and check out Byrdie!

Living Coral is the 2019 Color of the Year. Let me tell you, I have been manifesting this shade for such a long time. One of my favorite colors, Charlotte Tilbury has a lipstick that matches he aesthetic perfectly. Inspired by one of my icons Sienna Miller, Sexy Sienna is exactly what you need this spring and summer. Yup, GIVE ME ALL OF THE CHARLOTTE TILBURY

If you do not know who Lisa Aiken is, you need to become familiar. She is my current style inspiration and exudes class. She is the owner of fashion empire Moda Operandi. Her Fashion Week looks never seem to amaze me and she is EVERYTHING I am not… I tip my hat to her!


Elizabeth Olsen has the hair color that I have been waiting for someone to give me. No one has gotten it right yet and I just want to be blonde. I identify with the color and temperament of someone with blonde hair. Please, any stylists out there, hit me up!

Moon Juice SuperYou Daily Stress Managment.jpg

I am perpetually stressed, so the MoonJuice SuperYou Supplements may be exactly what I need. A blend of Adaptogenic Herbs lend themselves to calm the nervous system and help the body cope with, you guessed it, stress. I have trouble swallowing pills and yet I am determined to give these a try. Anything that can help lower the chance for me to have a panic attack is a win to me.


My skin has been having a moment recently and the grape vine says this gentle cleanser is the best. Jordan Samuel is on every Skinfluencer’s Instagram and has Caroline Hirons seal of approval. As irritation, redness, and flaking have been the state of my epidermis, I need to get my hands on this. What do you think?

Another product with a cult following is the Hydrating Accelerator from Josh Rosebrook. The ingredients on this spray is meant to give you angel skin and who would not want that?! A year round facial spray that comes in three sizes, Josh does not compromise on quality or integrity which I am all about.


I totally forgot how much I love Young The Giant. This first song I ever heard from them, Cough Syrup, is a true gem. It came on my Spotify randomly and I cannot stop listening to it. The band is such an alternative genre gem.

Apple AirPods.jpeg

Apple AirPods… I know I am so late to jump on this train, but I need a pair. I am so tired of having to carry around two different headphones to work across my Apple devices. These seem to provide amazing quality and ease. Such a want, but a need? Maybe not…

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