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Top Five Facial Cleansers

Top Five Facial Cleansers

December 2018

Top Five Facial Cleansers


I feel like I start every skincare post in the same fashion, or at least the ones I have written in my head.

I LOVE skincare. It is one of my favorite things to talk about and it is one of the only things I am religious about. I can change my lipstick (but it will always be a Kosas, Bite Beauty, or Charlotte Tilbury) but a skincare routine has little to no room for alterations. The reason I say this is because I have reactive skin. Formulas can be aggressive, so constant changing is what good for my skin. That is why I tend to stick to the same products I know work.


Today my skin is a bit more on the combination side. It is probably the best skin type a beauty blogger can have. Why do you ask? Well, because I can recommend products that work well for oily skin, dry skin, and every skin in between. That being said, I am very excited about today's post.

I am going to be telling you my Top Five Facial Cleansers, each for various skin type. You going to be seeing the products that I go through like a mad woman. My skin is not the most amazing, which I have talked about over on my friend Matt's blog but it is the only skin I have got. Keep reading for what I go to when I need to wash my face at the end of a long hard day.

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser *

Let us first address the scent of this amazing product. It smells like a field of Strawberries, and anyone who knows me knows I can eat them by the bucketful. As one of three main ingredients, the oil from the berry helps to strengthen and brighten the skin. I love this cleanser because it helps my skin feel clean without being too tight. On those days where I am on the drier side, this comes in handy to put a little life back in my skin. I use it post gym as it also hits the refresh button after my morning session. A full review of Indie Lee and an Interview with Indie are coming soon. Until then, I say try the discovery kit to get a sense of what the products (and this cleanser) can do for your skin.

Retail: $32 USD

SkinOwl Matcha Cleansing Bar *

I am the biggest fan of Annie and her acne story. She is so open and honest about how terrible her skin looked while working on the floor for Lancome. After following the brand for a while, I finally got my hands on the Matcha Bar. I have recently have been battling Hormonal and Cystic Acne along with my normal Perioral Dermatitis. This bar has done wonders for these two concerns. I am going so far as to say it might be the reason my skin has been clearing up. I use it only when I am having those breakouts as the Essential Oils make it a bit hard on my skin (more on my essential oil thoughts in the future). Nonetheless, if you are struggling with acne, the Matcha and Spearmint in this could really benefit you.

Retail: $24 USD

Farmacy Clean Bee

A cleanser I use on and off, the Clean Bee really is an ultra-gentle cleanser. It has a more liquid/gel-like consistency that really foams when used on the face. It is one of the more conventional cleansers in my arsenal, but it is effective with really removing the grime. I typically use this one when it has been a really tough day on my skin and I need to cleanse deep. The propolis in here is a great anti-ager and known for its amazing antiseptic properties. This cleanser is amazing for my acne-prone and oily skinned girls and guys. I also love that the brand is super close to my home state, so it makes me feel like I am supporting a local business. Besides that, I will say drier skin types should avoid this cleanser unless they have a solid hydration routine. For some reason, it can make your skin feel a little tight, but that tends to be normal with cleansers that are able to reach lather.

Retail: $28 USD


Odacite Black Mint Cleanser *

I have included this cleanser for the person who is a fan of essential oils in their skincare products. Recently, I have found them too much for my skin. Nonetheless I think this cleanser would be great for someone who is oily or acne prone that is looking for a cooling and gel-like formula. The charcoal helps to detoxify the pore and the mint helps to give the invigorating “just cleaned” feeling. If you have drier skin, I would avoid this cleanser as it will strip what little oil you do have on your skin.

Retail: $39 USD

Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Cleanser

I hate rose. It is my least favorite scent on the planet, so I am thankful that this cleanser is not overly saturated with the fragrance. I think this is an amazing skincare product for anyone with sensitive skin. I suffer from mild eczema at times, so I turn to this lovely crème cleanser on those really rough days. It removes makeup well and cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils. I think Pai is very underrated as a brand but worth looking into if you suffer from any of those harsher skin conditions. With that in mind, I will say the muslin cloth that comes with this cleanser is a must as it really brings the purification factor to the table. There is no lather with this and will leave anyone with oily skin feeling like they are wearing a mask. If you have acne, I would not go for this one, as it is less of a purifier and more of a remover. It is still an amazing product and sits on my shelf for those pampering days.

Retail: $50 USD


As you can see, each of these cleansers can speak to a different skin type. We have the gentlest to the most purifying, hence why I love being a combo skin girl. If you want to check out any of these cleansers I have links that can help you learn a bit more. If you have the ability to try them first do so. Always remember a normal skin cycle takes 21-28 days to see change.

* Gifted for consideration

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