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Meet The Brand: Odacité

Meet The Brand: Odacité

October 2018


And You Thought Paris Was Simply Fashion

Valerie Odacité founder.png

You will soon find out that, while I love cosmetics, skincare is a huge passion of mine. I never had the whole “I watched my mother do this, so I did it too” experience with skincare allowing it to really be a place of exploration.

I dabbled in the luxury brands that marketed with celebrity faces and promised immediate results. By doing this, I was always found myself unsatisfied and hating my skin even more than when I began using a specific product. I could not understand why I was not able to get the results I was promised. Needless to say I did not stay in this realm of care long and found my way into, you guessed it, green beauty.

There seems to be a misconception that green beauty and skincare is ineffective. By not having the powerful ingredients and money backed science, the user would be wasting money and doing nothing for themselves. There is also the idea that green beauty is not luxurious and cannot equate to ritual over practice. Oh, but let me tell you that Valerie Grandury and I strongly disagree.

Odacité Skincare.jpg

Valerie is the founder and CEO of California based, Paris bread, skincare line Odacité. The line is high-performance natural skincare promising to be NON GMO, VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE and free from FILERS, PARABENS, NANOPARTICLES, PETROCHEMICALS, PEG, PERFUMES, DYES, and PHENOXYENTHANOL. Pure to its very core is the philosophy behind Odacité.

 The brands story is usually what solidifies my need to use them. Valerie, like many, switched to natural living after a battle with breast cancer. This meant more than just her skincare and cosmetics, she adopted veganism and left her job to study health/wellness. At the same time, she came from a life a Parsian style by way of her grandmothers. One could be found out in the garden and the other felt the Effile Tower had to always be in site. Odacité is a product of these factors.


Particularly known for their potent serum concentrates, their 47 distinct sku lines offer something for all skin types. Cleansers, moisturizers, body care, tools, and those magic little vials all make up a brilliant assortment of products that measure up to their high-end counterparts. Do not get me wrong, Odacité is lux in its own right, but is in a league far different than your counter products.

Samantha Parsons Odacité Facial.JPG
Odacité Skincare at Detox Market NYC.jpg

I have been using the brand for roughly nine months when I first discovered them from The Detox Market. When I attended the opening of The Detox Market’s Flagship Store in NYC, I had the most amazing facial experience from the Odacité Team. They used the recently released All-Embracing Serum, along with some of my personal favorites. I instantly saw a dramatic change in the quality of my skin! I also think the Gau Sha helped too (my latest obsession).

Odacité Skincare.JPG

Hero products from the brand are the new All Embracing Serum, Black Mint + Green Tea Cleanser, and above all the serum concentrates! Each one will receive its own post in time, but know that they are LIFE. CHANGING.

If you are looking to try their line, I highly suggest their curated sample boxes. You get an amazing feel for the serums and brand as a whole.

You can grab your Odacité products here and expect to see me love them for a long time!

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