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Lily Lolo Honolulu

Lily Lolo Honolulu

August 2018

Lily Lolo Powder Bronzer in Honolulu

No Umpa-Lumpa's Allowed


I am not complaining, but being fair skinned is hard. Much like my friends at the other end of the spectrum products can look way TOO ORANGE or way TOO ASHY. Everyone with what is considered a medium skin tone, well you are lucky. Bronzer is particularly tricky for me to navigate. Before I went cruelty-free I was a fan of the beloved 'Laguna Beach'. I was a guppy when it came out but even I know about streaming services and this was the worlds first introduction to Lauren Conrad. Then I went full on green and/or clean leaving my pale skin in florescent agony! I needed my sun-kissed glow. 

Oh hello, Lily Lolo, my name is Samantha and I would like to put stock in your bronzers. 


You have three choices when it comes to the Lily Lolo Bronzers and my personal favorite is the deepest shade Honolulu. Described as being a sheen dark tan, this lovely mineral bronzer is BUILDABLE and GLOWY. Trust me when I say it is not big chunks of glitter/disco ball glow, it is a "I just turned into model and vacation in Cannes". It is Gluten Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, GMO-Free and well everything you could possibly need. I think the added benefits of Argan Oil for aging and Jojoba Oil for hydration really speak to why this product works for any age or skin texture. 


The swatches here are always in natural and unedited light so you can see what the product really looks like. If you want a post about my blogging process let me know because it warrants its own space. As for the Lily Lolo Bronzer, you can see just how beautiful it appears on the skin. It is NOT CHALKY and does not stick to the dry parts of my face like most other bronzers have done. In fact, I typically use Honolulu with no base and it BLENDS PERFECTLY into my skin. For a reference, I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply this product. It comes in a gorgeous little compact with a mirror that makes it easy to use for touch-ups.

I think what I love most about this bronzer is that it is one of the less popular shades, making me feel as if I found a seashell on the beach. Everyone typically goes for the sister shade Miami Beach, but after reading about all three shades and doing my own investigating I decided to go with Honolulu. The deeper tone is very reminiscent of my first bronzer love, yet I do not feel guilty or dirty using it! I will say that I do like a good bronze when I apply bronzer so perhaps that is part of why I went for the darkest shade. 


The Lily Lolo Bronzers sell out very quickly, so if you want one I say snag it while you can. It is available in the US and Canada via their site and The Detox Market. With 12 grams of product at $26 USD you know she will last for quite some time! #ProjectPan 

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