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Ere Perez Colour Pot

Ere Perez Colour Pot

September 2018

Ere Perez Carrot Pot: Harmony

Ehh What's Up Doc... Just Magic


I had reached out to Ere Perez following their launch at several clean beauty spaces a few months ago. They sent me a box of goodies with no intent other than to get my honest and genuine thoughts on the products. I have got to say that out of everything they sent, I love the Carrot Color Pot in Harmony the most! I am not going to lie to you, part of the reason I wanted to try this is because I LOVE carrots! lol

Ere Perez is a Cruelty-Free and Vegan brand that uses clean and green ingredients in order to provide cosmetics (and skincare which I have not tried) to the masses. Everything about their aesthetic is MINIMALIST. The packaging is a crisp white, the shade ranges are neutral with a few pops of color, and the shapes of the products are MODERN.  


The ingredients speak for themselves. Oils such as Olive, Avocado, and Carrot Seed add to the dewiness of this balm while providing ANTIOXIDANTS and a bit of color. The fact that there is no soy in this made me super keen to try it as I have an allergy (I often ignore it much like I do with bees' and bee byproducts).

Harmony is described to be a Dusty Pink adding "INSTANT COLOUR" to your cheeks/lips etc.  Remember how I said Ere Perez does pops of color in a wearable shade palette? Well, this is one of those more EVERYDAY options. It adds a stubble SHEEN wherever it is applied and blends well. I see this being a shade that is more suited for fair to medium toned skin.  


In the image above I am wearing Harmony on my lips with no product under or over top. As always the lighting is NATURAL and UNEDITED so you can truly see the product.

In terms of wear time, you have your standard two-three hours for a gloss and it stays pretty well on the cheeks too. It does not feel incredibly sticky, but it does have a bit of tack which I am okay with. 


Coming in at around $23.50 USD for 6.5 grams of product you really cannot go wrong. It is a great choice for someone just getting into the green or clean beauty sphere wanting to maintain a 'I woke up like this' look.                                                   

You can currently only purchase the Carrot Colour Pots from their site. 


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