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Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint

Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint

I continue on my quest to find the perfect base product. Yes, I love my Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation (why don’t I have a review of that yet?!), but a girl needs to have options. With this in mind, I make it a point to try out as many of the latest complexion releases as I can. These tests end up being First Impressions on my YouTube Channel and generate a lot of buzz. Joining the one of many videos is Clove and Hallow. Welcome to the DEEP DIVE of the Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint.

Clove & Hallow.png

Clove + Hallow is a cruelty-free, vegan, and 93% “natural” cosmetic brand from Atlanta, Georgia. Described as being “Flawless but real-looking skin, bottled”, the Skin Tint is a demi-matte finish with a buildable medium coverage. The brand also states that, like their cult-loved concealer, the formula is meant to be creaseless. This is due to the lack of oils and finish of the foundation itself. I am currently testing the concealer so I cannot speak to this comparison between the products.

 The branding on the packaging says the term “Clean 15”. C&H states that ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals, animal by-products, mineral oil, talc, and synthetic fragrance are removed their products. Despite my changed stance on beauty and skincare, I do still find myself drawn to brands that leave out ingredients that could potentially be harmful. That being said, you can find this brand in “green” focused beauty shops like The Detox Market (affiliate)

The Liquid Skin Tint comes in 12 different shades and that is where my first concern comes in. You will see that I was sent shades 3 (light with peach undertones), 4 (light neutral), and 5 (light-medium with peachy beige undertones). With 5 being almost directly in the middle of the color selection, and us being in a post-Fenty and MAC world, releasing such a small selection of shades is a bit upsetting. Now, I realize that Clove + Hallow is considered an Indie brand, but inclusivity is important to me. I cannot speak for the darker shades or individuals of a deeper skintone, but this is a review and something that should be addressed.

Clove+Hallow Liquid Skin Tint Shade 3.jpg
Clove+Hallow Liquid Skin Tint Swatches.jpg
Clove+Hallow Liquid Skin Tint Shade 5.jpg

There are fourteen ingredients total in this base product, and of course, some are worth noting.

First, we have Coconut Alkanes (solvent and emollient), which is an alternative to silicone in a lot of problems. The concern here is that it can trigger fungal acne for some individuals who have oil or blemish-prone skin.

There is also and ingredient called Dextrin Isostearate, which is a synthetic bulking agent. It is usually plant derived and, due to Clove & Hallow’s branding, I am left to assume is the case here. It can be a fungal acne trigger for some individuals as well. 

An obvious ingredient to call out for acne prone users and that is Dimethicone (emollient). While silicones are present in a lot of foundation-esque products, it is considered comedogenic and can actually be irritating. I believe this is what gives the foundation its slip and staying power. 


On the positive side, we do see some ingredients in here that should be celebrated.

Glycerin (humectant and skin-conditioning agent) is an amazing inclusion for those with dry skin. It can also contribute to the almost mousse like texture of the Liquid Skin Tint as you blend it out.

Silica (viscosity controlling, elasticizer) is an ingredient I am exploring. Apparently, it is gaining popularity as a supporter for skin plumping and hair/nail health. It works to help collagen production. Obviously here it is not being ingested, but perhaps it is doing more than just keeping the product from settling.

Clove+Hallow Liquid Skin Tint.jpg
Clove+Hallow Liquid Skin Tint.jpg

When I used the Liquid Skin Tint, I went with shade 4. The site instructs that, if you are unsure what tone to pick, choose a shade darker as it can blend out. I went with 4 because it matches my skin undertone better (I am neutral that can sometime lean warm). The color did oxidize slightly when first dispensed from the tube (which I love that it is n a squeeze bottle), but was not unmanageable. The texture was not heavy on my skin, but was easily felt.

When blending this, I did one side with my fingers and the other with the Hourglass Cosmetics Vanish Foundation Brush. Both sides produced a medium coverage that did cling to dry patches mildly. When I create my First Impression Videos, I do not use any primers or skincare so we can see how the foundation reacts on its own (I have dry/dehydrated/sensitive skin). Despite this, it did tone down the redness of my PIE (post inflammatory erythema) and the varicose vain on my cheek. It settled into my smile lines as most foundations do and set quickly, but not so fast that I could not work it into my skin.

Is this my favorite base product? No, but I do not hate it either. On a sliding scale I would have to put it at about a 6/10. I love the small ingredient list, the coverage, and the packaging of the product. I struggle with the matte finish, a few ingredients that are triggers for my skin, and the limited shade range.

I would recommend this to someone with an oilier skin type or someone who prefers less of a glow to their base. I also think that for $26 dollars and the limited selection of “clean/green” beauty products, this is a great choice for someone on a budget looking to convert to that lifestyle.


The Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint is 31g/31ml and retails for $26 USD.

* The Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint in shades 3, 4, and 5 are press samples *

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